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Signing off for a while


I've decided to close down this blog for a bit while I deal with some health issues. I've been found to have nodules on my thyroid and awaiting biopsy and further assessment on these.
Many thanks to Clare Smith,
who happens to live around the corner and I've spent some time with at a harakeke flax weaving class late 2017, and is also a quilt artist and who ironically is the cause of my quilting journey ( inspired by her quilts!) who had a similar experience a few years ago - I feel prepared going forward and very optimistic (tho a bit scared) even if the worst and I have a similar journey to Clare..tho expecting and hoping for much less and perhaps looking at just a thyroidectomy!

Ironically January is Thyroid and Thyroid cancer awareness month! I can only stress don't just take a GP's word for your results being borderline - push for more investigation if it doesn't feel right. A simple lump in my neck turned out to be a c…

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