Sentimental journeys?

So Master 4 year old spotted this at the Busy Bee Quilt shop as we went to pick Nana and Grandpa up from the airport ( the only time I can justify heading to this part of the city is when we have visitors arriving as it is near the airport)
Made from Deborah Edwards set of connector playmat panels.
I intended them to be made for Christmas 2016 - but you'll read in my last post, that such things were not going to happen.

What Grandpa and Master almost 5 year old loves more than collecting firewood and pinecones, is a trip on a train. Grandpa also has a liking for buying and collecting shirts (many from charity shops and picks some very nice quality ones!) Our family love a good charity shop and my children call them "treasure shops" as we go and find treasure!

To unburden him ( or am I feeding his habit?) before he can buy more he has to rid himself of some...and so I get a few shirts every time he visits (the odd one is not easily relinquished and goes home again!)

and so armed with a bag of 6 inch squares of lovely soft pre-loved shirt material, I am piecing a backing of Grandpa's shirts, to accompany the front "train" quilt. I'll pop a photo transfer of Grandpa and Master almost 5 going no a train trip onto the back - a sentimental nod to their shared love and how Grandpa  literally took the shirt off his back for Master almost 5 year old!
Here we go....those panels bordered by a Dr Seuss fabric

The best side Master K says!