The distraction of stitch

My quilt, the Comfort of Stitch was a bit close to the bone this week.

This week I've been spending a bit of time at my Nana's hospital bedside. I saw her 2 weeks ago.

She came to Taupo Symposium to see my winning quilt. Her scissors feature in that quilt. She taught me to sew. She gave me my first sewing machine at 6 or 7. She made me dressing gowns out of scraps of candlewick. She made this pretty dress (that's me on the right), she made all my ball gowns, numerous clothes and even home-made undies as we lived in a small town and getting to a city to buy such things was few and far between. Also it saved money. She made me a cool shift dress out of some old flowery curtains for a costume party at uni - so cool I wore it most days as everyday wear. She would have made my wedding dress if she had the energy back then, instead offering to buy it for me.

 It was a quick drive to go and see her and I did not pack anything to keep my hands busy. She was on oxygen and we wanted to keep her company without the need  for her to talk. a quick trip to Pins to Patches in Whakatane was made and I purchased a small bundle of charm squares, some paper hexi's, some thread and needles and I sat the evenings paper piecing while she dozed.

We reminisced about her sewing, those garments she made, my quilt and future projects. Nana is doing her damnedest to keep her ball in the game and kick this infection for touch. My feeling of uselessness and loss of control all comforted and distracted by the simple act of stitch.