A whatchamacallit?

Sorry I can't give credit to the makers of this quilt as I've lost my link - it was a group of women for a quilt show- was it Houston? or in Scotland or Irish Quilt show?????
Also I've seen a fabulous one in NZ of the Otago area based on a Rita Angus painting. (will post an image soon)
What do you call this...it is where you break the image up, set basic rules for colour/tones and everyone does a square......collaborative round robins?????

Anyway I think this would be a fabulous quilt challenge for my Quilt group...so if you know more about this stuff please do post a comment

PS: Thanks to Helen who left some great links...They are called sliced or fractured colloborative quilts !
 The above quilt which I can give now credit to:  The above quilt is The Jennings Homestead” is the prize-winning creation of 27 members of the Milwaukee Art Quilters, 24 of whom made a fabric rectangle of one section of this 1884 Victorian farmhouse from an original photograph. One woman assembled and aligned the separate blocks into a final composition, and another member quilted it on a long-arm machine. It measures 69.5 inches by 45 inches.

Check out
www.adventurequilter.com/e-Learning/Articles/Fractured_Quilts.html and www.gjsentinel.com/lifestyle/articles/collaboration-produces-slicesoflife-quilts