New Year...New Ideas

 Yep seems to be the season ( or it is New years resolutions) to tidy up the sewing room, finish off some projects, sketch and day dream whilst on holiday of a whole pile of new projects!

With Symposium  next year I've got a few ideas for those fabulous exhibition themes.

I'm thinking of these themes the most:
  • inspired fibres,
  • yesterday, today tomorrow
  • games up
  • no place like home
  • hot off the press

and my 4 year old is working on one for the under 12 quilt section- having found my quilt scraps, she's busy cutting shapes out of those.

talking of inspirational......
Heard of Annabel Rainbow? Her name just  alludes to the fact she is totally creative... above is her piece "on the shelf" she quilts her design, then paints them. Her life series has caused much controversy in quilt circles with some quilt shows not accepting her work or showing it behind a curtain due to nudity. I love her series. I think they say a lot and her techniques are fabulous and I enjoy her stories behind them. She quilts the stories in text on the bodies. I spent a year doing life studies and portraiture so love her work......I see it  as a modern take on a commentary on norms, society etc...just as the old masters did with their nude beauties. I've been watching her work for  several years.

With mum's plus quilt done for Christmas....mine is the next in line....while my pre cut fabric for my plus quilt is languishing in a box waiting to be sewn I could not help myself! Santa ( the husband) did not get my hints for some new Carolyn Frielander modern bundle of fabrics "BOTANICS"  featuring some more terrific low volume prints. So I just HAD to purchase these the other day and will just have to cut a few more blocks for my plus quilt and swap out a few current ones for the backing or make a few pillows for the campervan with the others......

I have found buying overseas much cheaper than NZ stores..... keeping an eye on currency conversion when the dollar is favourable against the US$
check out.... or

and purchased this quilt pattern to absorb all my other flashy bright and low volume prints...I'm in love with hexy or star quilts but just getting into piecing (prefer art quilting) but enjoy doing a mix...this pattern should satisfy my love of both.