Plus and crosses with a BONUS!

Who doesn't like bonuses! I  was thrilled to get a nice bonus when finding this quilt block !

As you may see from my blog I've been making PLUS quilts using low volume and modern fabrics.

Well I was inspired reading Marge Hurst's article in NZQUILTER a few issues back in her series "the crayon box" - about colour choices where she showed a quilt block that featured a plus but also a cross..that's the block above! I did some googling to find out about it.

Cool, an extension to my plus blocks I thought  (note: my plus quilt still half assembled!). So in order to ensure I had a few projects underway I just had to start cutting more blocks ( more UFOS..unfinished objects!!!)

Now my camera lens is broken and getting fixed so  I apologise about having to rely on other people's images and can't show you mine yet....I'll post soon as its back, but here are some I found it on pinterest & Flickr


Well the great thing with this pattern is that (depending on how you construct it) you get 4 free half square triangles! Its different from all those bits you get and put aside into scrap bags as you do 4 extra seams and you have a completed freebie that doesn't need to sit around in a scrap box waiting for attention - it's done BONUS!!!!

If your tutorial doesn't make two seams when making the cross section then just take another seam half an inch off  your first seam so that when you cut off the corners, you have a ready made half square triangle! (see the second tutorial listed below to see what I mean)

So check out a tutorial for making these blocks - there are plenty out there. Here are several versions:
This second tutorial also mixes large with smaller blocks!...I reckon you could come up with your own sizes/dimensions if you wanted.

I love that this block is both old but new! It became all the rage recently with the modern quilt movement and has featured in the Tokyo Quilt festival. Some blogs write that the original block can be attributed back to the 70's (Nancy Cabot, 1938 Source: Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.)

I can see how popular this block could be for a swap/ block challenge or for a friendship quilt with many friends making a block, contributing bits of fabric to make a nice gift for someone. The crosses almost form a hugs and kisses pattern along with a plus - lovely symbols!

So mine is a combo of 24" and 12" blocks features lovely Carolyn Frielander low volumes (Architextures and Botanics) along with a few Kaffes' and all those bright, highly patterned prints that look fab in this type of arrangement. I like the low volume background but also a few darker backgrounds just for a bit of variation or pop!

My husband asked why I was cutting more fabric ( at least he didn't ask or mention  the extra purchased fabric!) and I said BLAME IT ON RACHEL! That's a friend who got me onto modern fabrics and plus quilts ( see

So my quilt will be called "Blame it on Rachel" - and might be a symposium entry (so I won't be showing much of it just in case)  and I'm loving the BONUS of the half square triangles......hmmmm do they get used in the binding/backing or now become another project and UFO?