Kids can cut, quilt and create!

 Maya (my 4 going on 5 year old daughter) is quite taken with my quilts and my stash and my sewing room. Mummy's cave is slowly being invaded!

This week she has been quite taken that my quilt was featured in the recent issue of NZQuilter  (they rang wanted a photo and asked if they could use the story that was on the back of my quilt - which I was only to happy to agree to!)

Anyway she wants to put up a quilt for a we started something for the upcoming symposium.....the kids section!

Maya has always been great with scissors and cutting skills since she was about 2....(she's lucky to be blessed with thick fast growing hair - readily giving herself haircuts when she needs a bit of hair for a collage or a nest for an insect!!!!) I have no problems at 4 going on 5, giving her my small fabric scissors to snip at fabric...... Here it is all the stuff from my scrap bags which is OK.....

unlike  last week when she wanted to make a fabric collage card for a sick friend and promptly chomped through a few precut blocks of kaffe fasset fabrics etc put aside for sewing my + and X quilt....the kid has taste...went for the cool expensive fabric and chomped the fancy bits in the middle!

Needless to say underneath Mummy was very X, but just had to advise  that asking is good before cutting! Funnily enough in parallel, Maya's sick friend also chomped her Mummy's WIP textile wall hanging to make something too the same day!

 So maybe I need a kids fabric scrap box just for her! I recall being fascinated in my Gran's button jar and her treadle ( having sewn my finger with it and having to wait for Mum to come and pull it apart to extract my finger)

Maya is very creative and designs things at home and at Playcentre all the time and she has drawn up her "pattern" and image and had very clear views on what and how she was creating this work......tonight she traced one of her artworks onto freezer paper so she can cut her fabric overlays....

At least in the process of this her cutting has been directed away from the hair and into  my scrap bags! She was delighted with a bag of fabric I purchased from Helen Marshall's garage sale (renown NZ quilter who had a downsizing sale) for her and the kids at Playcentre....she's a chip off the old block!..which as you can see often results in a chop into the odd block!

I do lots of sewing/threading stuff with kids at's a great pinterest site to get kids interested in sewing

LOVE the tissue pack cover idea...two rectangles right sides together, sew short ends , turn inside out. Fold ends to meet together (or closely overlap - tho I prefer when they just meet) with the inside fabric facing out. 2 straight seams. Turn inside out.
Kids can make 4 seams and produce Mum a nice tissue pack cover for Mothers day.....decorate/glue with felt teeth, button eyes and it becomes a monster tissue pack cover!!!!!!