The problem with....

The problem with.....

Buying fabric is that you  procrastinate on UFO's  and want to add new fabric purchases into it or come up with new projects without finishing old ones! Reckon that makes me a fully fledged quilter!

I've got all my plus blocks ready to assemble,

but then found some new fabrics I just had to have in my plus's - so a few more blocks to assemble, and some to be relegated to the back, another quilt or cushions!

That bright yellow kiwi fabric was picked up at Stitchbird fabrics. I normally don't like yellow, but maybe the gloomy weather here in Wellington made this bright fabric sing to me, and it made my quilt blocks sing a bit too...nice for some brightness and contrast.

 I bought the Hoffman Bali Brown Sugar Pops a while back...I liked the colours in the pack online.
I decided to make it up using the Jelly Roll Race method...thought it would be good for a busy mum....and it was. I added small squares of an duck egg blue/green/cream. I intend to add some photo transfers into those squares.

However once opening and sewing the pack together I wasn't that keen on the colours....My photos are a bit over exposed but I'm not a fan of those bright blues. Its just a snuggle quilt for someone so might come together once pressed, images on and quilted.

The problem with people knowing you can sew is that you get asked to sew all sorts of things...but I am beavering away on something to enter for the Manawatu Quilt Symposium I can't show you that due to entry rules. But I have made a few standard baby blankets with soft flannelette backings and no quilting for a few babies soon to arrive in our neighbourhood and a few drawstring pouches for older siblings who may need to learn to pop away small toys  (a perfect gift for that)

Anyway, some wet weekends ahead will mean some great progress on the Symposium art quilts. I'm keen on the page 5 entry ( be inspired by anything on Page 5 of any newspaper) and the recycled or yesterday/today/tomorrow section.

I am pulling together a presentation to give to my quilt club and I found my first ever quilt/quilted items. I entered these in the 2007 Manawatu Quilt Symposium as back then they were separate challenges to the Symposium and you did not have to be registered to the Symposium. I had no real idea what I was doing and I cringe when I look at them....
One was A best place in NZ challenge....the cake tin (Stadium) in Wellington had just been built and I tried to do a quilt sculpture. It got a merit award! But aint it shocking, hopefully the real stadium has better construction!
The other was for Breast screening. it won 3rd prize and was sold.....hand painted with oil sticks and the background I played with Procion thickened dye and crackled flour resist. I think it had some waffly title like, What should be precious to us is not that what we wear or what you see,.... with the message of taking time for ourselves and to take time to do breast examinations and not being worried about our contours or material things.  I like what I think I was trying to do but laugh at my fill in quilting on background!
Sometimes you just have to look back to see how far you have come!..check out that bad binding! I used to be pattern phobic and now my stash is pretty devoid of any solids!

Venture back on your quilting journey........I bet it is interesting and perhaps quite illuminating for you!