Men & Quilts!

Have you seen this video- hilarious!

Has me thinking about a new body of work tho featuring men! but that will have to wait till after my2  symposium entries are done.

Piece one progressing well ...lots of fusible applique and handpainting/sunprinting.....Piece 2 starting my transfer of a rough sketch to white prepped cotton tonight when the kids are in bed. I would love to piece it, but it will probably be fusible applique given my timeframe. Only 20 weekend days before Deadline of entries being due! How's your going?

I might finish my plus quilt and plus/cross quilt soon after too.

With my daughter off to school in Aug and a number of 5 year old birthdays, I've been busy making art folders, book bags, and pillowcases. I purchased Cori Dantini's Built for adventure panels after seeing some of Cori's other panels on Adrienne's "on the windy side" blog.

Alas I thought I had taken a photo ( but can't find it) of the pillowcase I made using my favourite of the panels ( the girls with wings swinging on what looks like a pohutukawa tree saying Dare to fly.. A perfect message for my daughters wee friend who is a super kiddo. So imagine if you can pieced random pinks and greens to the right of the panel with borders of Kaffe Faset on top and bottom with a mini pink pompom braid trim above the grass. All backed with pink and butterfly fabric as she loves butterflies.

I don't envisage finding trouble using the remainder of the panels as more pillowcases for the present cupboard or for quilt backing inserts.

Speaking of Adrienne, her blog "on the Windy side" is a blog I often have a look at as she is a wellingtonian ( tho I haven't met her the world or Wellington is not such a small place after all!) and low and behold her post yesterday features a dear friend of mine from when we were mad and silly in our 20's who got me when we became sensible in our 40's onto Modern piecing and low volume fabrics. I blame her for my outlandish spending on these fabric! Rachel your work looks outstanding profiled here too! Well done!