Sharing stories

Had a fabulous evening that didn't involve a Playcentre business meeting or a trip to After hours with a sick child....

Went to Pinestream Quilters in Upper Hutt to talk about my quilting journey ( brief as it has been) and show some of my things/processes.
I was overwhelmed with the reception of this group- very welcoming and warm. If you live in the Hutt and want to start quilting head along- super bunch of ladies! Thank-you Ladies!  This is the banner from their website!

Anyway there was quite a bit of interest in printing on fabric. I shared my juvenile Delinquent quilt with printed images.

You paint some fabric with the Golden digital ground and let it dry - this makes it stiff...try doing a thin coat to reduce thickness. Cut it to printer paper size and print through a printer. I used mine through a plain old toner laser printer, (and this stuff doesn't normally last - like old newspapers!)Once done I add a top coat of this gel medium to protect it from UV light. I've had mine several years and no discolouration or fading
This method works with ink or toner prints. It is flexible and hasn't cracked. Art shops have this.

So this "transfer technique" is something I'll be working with for a project to transfer family photos for a quilting project.

Is it washable? I was asked....I need to know this too as I might use it for a small memory lap this week I will trial a small piece and wash half of it and post results for you soon so you can see if this is a product that that can be use din a more utilitarian use. Otherwise I'd rely on Lesley Riley's transfer paper but I find that doesn't work too well if its a bit old and it is expensive.