As the saying goes the dentist always has the worst teeth, the builder has the house needing fixing, the blacksmith has the horse still needing shoeing...and QUILTERS never get around to recovering their ironing boards!
But this month seems to be the month of recovering and getting to that task......I have read a few blogs and everyone is making new slips covers! 
Here are a few....

And covers are so expensive. In my house we have a his and hers ironing board and iron. My husband irons  his own business shirts ( in was in our marriage vows! :-)  just kidding but was seriously considered for inclusion) and he hates finding bits of fusible after the fact once it is on his shirts. My ironing board is embarrassingly just covered with an old towel. So I might have to hop on the band wagon of recovering!

Tho this could be an option...beware: when googling naked man ironing board cover you may get some seriously offensive images coming up ....all relating to naked and nothing to do with ironing! You can just imagine what happens to all that clothing when it gets hot! 

Instead I suggest heading to Amazon and save all that embarrassment!

or watch this funny youtube version of them for a laugh (totally safe no heat applied for revealing!!)