why, why, why? Crisis and opportunity are merely differing aspects of a process!?


I'm scrambling to finish my Quilt Symposium entries this weekend- that's why my blog has been a bit empty of late as we cannot show any photos pre selection and show! I've even taken a few videos to show later to share process on them!

My husband has taken the kids out walking - phew a empty quiet house and while the jug boils and a layer of paint dries there is time for a quick blog entry!

Ever the artist I decided to do my quilts at the last minute ( a few months ago) and TRY A NEW TECHNIQUE with 2 weeks to go! I've also landed  the Co-president role at Playcentre so life will probably not get any easier so its this weekend OR BUST!

ANYWAY....I usually paint my work first, then quilt.

For QUILT 1: I decided to do as Annabel Rainbow (a fabulous art quilter whose work I adore) does, and I have pieced, quilted and binded my quilt and now just adding paint to people. This goes to show what works for one, does not work for all - this technique I find does not work for me! I'm being too precious and its hard for me to work into areas. The quilting  does raise the fabric into a thick wad than just a layer of cotton. The batting which is thin  also want to SOAK up the colour rather than staying in the fabric.FINGERS crossed it comes together.

Much easier to slap on and wet areas when its just a piece of fabric.

I've also hauled out my old acrylics rather than fabric paints, as Annabel does. They liked me feel a bit dried up, but a good squeeze and they are reveal their fluidity......and I'm getting into the swing and hang of them again too. They work differently on fabric than textile paints which seem to float more on the surface.

Funnily enough on the other side of the world exactly now, Annabel Rainbow is working  in the opposite manner and is doing why I usually do...painting and then will quilt! Hopefully she has more success than I'm having! http://annabelrainbow.co.uk/2014/10/07/life-15-terrifying-but-progress/

QUILT 2:..Its all shaped and finished sort of but just needs quilting and a little bit more fusible applique! Of course my stuff is all a bit topsy turvy and reverse process than normal quilting.....so I see the end product really before much of the process in this quilt........

So at the moment my quilt situation is hovering on the continuum between crisis and abandonment  opportunity for play and learning or success.....nothing like flying close to the wind they say!

BACK TO IT..hope your quilt symposium entries are having the finishing touches and being photographed!.

In the absence of my process/items do check out Annabels site!