Many ways to skin a cat!

so to speak - no cats harmed in this post!

But being relatively new to piecing (I'm more the art quilt/whole cloth/applique type) I am amazed at how many different ways there may be to end up with the same block.

When I did a presentation at a quilt group there was a BOM and an "experienced quilter" picked up the instructions and shook her head and  told me how much easier you could  piece the block by  strip piecing, cutting and turning rather than cutting small pieces out individually.

I was keen to do a wild waves quilt pattern with low volume and some key fabrics to make some cushion covers.

This block is made from quarter square triangles and a half square.

I googled several sites and there were several methods.

One site suggested cutting individual triangles and piecing.

Another suggesting making half squares but then you cut off the remainder and wasted the other side as it was too small for a half square or even a quarter square.

This site seemed quite nifty with the suggestion of two larger squares and sewing the on the quarter inch in a diagonal, cutting then piecing onto a half square triangle. This was the tutorial I used.

Anyway - food for thought for anyway who makes up patterns......

Off to Symposium end of week and doing a class with Linda Beach. I have 2 quilts in exhibition. I was disappointed with them (see earlier posts)
MISTAKE1: I started them 1-2 months before deadline
MISTAKE 2: I tried a new method 1-2 months before deadline
MISTAKE 3: I tried new materials 1-2 months before deadline.

While I could complain that symposium committees need to get exhibition categories out earlier, this was entirely my fault for taking to long thinking about things, then rushing things as I was overwhelmed with other tasks.

One is called Simply child's play ( cant post an image till Symposium). I pieced and appliqued this quilt and then quilted it. I then went to paint the faces using artist's acrylic paint (just as Annabel Rainbow does).

I usually paint with textile paint, then stitch. The paint seemed to get sucked into batting, and I did not get it sitting on top of the fabric ( perhaps as it was Prepared for dyeing fabric which is designed to suck it in, rather than with other cotton which may have a treatment that prevents that?) 

The faces ended up with 90year old wrinkles, so had to be quilted. Also the fine details of the paint just  bled into the quilting stitch. So in comparison to my COMFORT OF STITCH it's  terrible!

The other quilt is one of my "signature style" art quilt which I wish I had more time on, but happy with it. I had hoped to enter it into the HOT PR section which takes inspiration from a piece form page 5 of a newspaper. I entered it, only to be rung and told it was outside the specified dimensions ( HOW DID I MISS THAT!) So I was given the option to changing it to a new section, which I did.

Anyway, bags to pack and looking forward to seeing a sea of inspiration - I understand there will be over 300 quilts!