The perfect hand quilting thumb?

Hmmm I intended to return from the last of the school holidays and do a post on my class with Linda Beach.
Nothing like a picnic to put an end to my quilting for a while!

A slight run in with a large sharp serrated knife while cutting ginger crunch at a picnic in Hagley Park Christchurch resulted I pretty good laceration - not far from an amputation if I had taken it a little further..a small hinge of skin  less than 1 cm  on the other side allowed the top of my thumb to remain, which had flicked over to be sewn back Right through the nail. The angle meant I missed the bone. 
I saw Greymouth and Blenhiem Emergency Dept on the way back to Picton in the campervan, then Wellington the night I got home as it had deteriorated then referred to Plastics at Hutt Hospital.

I am told the top is not viable and they decided to wait a week to see what die back I got (like frostbite, that white and dark tissue on the top is dead). I have an appointment at a Hand clinic on Monday. But it looks better. Below the Stitch line to the knuckle was black and yellow  (Wellington colours!) had become infected and blistered and a kind doctor massaged the contents out this avo....making it now almost looks normal!

He pushed a large needle through my thumb to press against the underneath of my nail. NOTHING!
He apologised.
I said  on the bright side if it didn't fall off, I'd have the perfect thumb top for pinning quilts or hand quilting- won't feel that needle at ALL!
If it falls off /or they choose to remove as its not viable and a skin graft is required it might be a while till I quilt.

So next post I'll get out what I've done for my Linda Beach class and fabric choices for finishing it. As I am left handed ( the injury is on the right) means I can still sketch and plan for upcoming quilts!

Hope you were all inspired by Symposium. I purchased a few great fabrics that I can't wait to use somehow!